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No! Ah!'s Ark
Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality
Cinderella Escape 2
No! Ah!'s Ark


If you were told not to do something, would you want to do it all the more?
One day, the Creator, our dear goddess, was told not to push the button, but she couldn't help herself pushing the button. The big flood came and the world was destroyed.

Noah, the chosen one, is the only one who survived this disaster, and he must save the world by rescuing animals and the girl he loves.


  • Whack-A-Mole-like
    Easy to understand and easy to learn.

  • Character Customization
    Customize the playable characters with a variety of costumes.

  • Interesting story and perspective
    The story is full of fun with an original perspective.

  • Guest Characters
    There are guest characters from my other games to help you out in the game.

Please visit Steam Page for more details.

Thank you very much.


Huuma Mina: The Secret of Immortality

Legend has it that Huuma Mina is an immortal ninja with silver hair and silver eyes. In the modern era, she tries to hide and live in seclusion. However, a mad scientist, Arakawa Murasaki, is obsessed with the research on her immortalization and tries to capture her again. Is Arakawa Murasaki able to capture Mina and reveal the secret with modern science and technology?
For the best experience, a controller is recommended!


  • Hack and Slash Style Fighting!
    You can easily combine two attacks to develop your own fighting style. Dodging and Guarding are to defend yourself against enemies. What's even better, you can also equip 2 skills to improve the combat efficiency.

  • Armor Durability!
    All armor in the game has a specific durability. Once it reaches zero, your armor will break and all incoming attacks will interrupt outgoing action.

  • Torture to get the intel!
    Torture the key captive to get the necessary intel.

  • Slave Arena
    You cannot die because you're immortal. If you are defeated, however, you'll be sent to an arena where you have to fight for your freedom. It's also a good chance to earn EXP and Gold.

  • Real-time Cut-scenes!
    The story is told by cut-scenes and can be played again after you complete the game.

  • Character Customization!
    There are 6 customization slots. You can change her hair, underwear, handwear, footwear, outfit and her accessories. Additionally, each unlocked item will make your character stronger.

  • Story Quests and Optional Quests!
    You can quest based on story progress or do some optional quests, like searching for missing cats...etc.

Please visit Steam Page for more details.
There is a Special Censored Version if you're not into bondage content.

Thank you very much.


Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge

This is a sequel to the "True Ending" of my previous game Cinderella Escape! R12.

In Cinderella Escape 2 Revenge, Cinderella is back with her new goddess power. She is going to reveal the Evil Plan of the Evil Prince and have her revenge. Therefore, the game is no longer a Puzzle Game, it's now an Action Game. 

In order to acquire a better experience and enjoy Hack-n-Slash Action Game, I strongly recommend that you use a controller or gamepad to play this game.




  • Hack and Slash Fighting Style
    You've never seen a Fairytale princess fights like this. You can easily combine attack-A & attack-B to develop your own fighting style. Dodging is also available which makes the battle a little more exciting. Finally, a special attack is the most powerful technique to destroy large groups of enemies.

  • Armor Break!
    There is a gauge that shows the current durability of your clothes. Your clothes will break when the durability reaches zero. Once your clothes are broken, all damage you take will interrupt your attacks.

  • Real-time Story Cutscenes
    There are 33 cutscenes in this game. The story is quite funny. You'll find a very different concept about Snow White and Pinocchio that connected to Cinderella's story.

  • Costumes and Accessories
    There are 4 parts that you can customize your character, including Hair, Lingerie, Clothing, Accessories. Moreover, the more costumes you unlock the stronger your character will be. By the way, Cinderella is in shackles by default, but you can unshackle her at Costume Settings Menu.

  • Story Mode and Quest Mode
    There are 14 chapters in Story Mode, and up to 50+ challenges in Quest Mode.


Please visit Steam Store Page for more details.

Thank you very much.


Cinderella Escape! R12


Cinderella Escape! R12 is a third-person Action Puzzle Game.

You have to use the magic powers given by Fairy Godmother to solve the puzzle and reach the exit to clear a stage.

There are two Magic Powers.

One is Blue-Slipper, consuming Blue-Slipper to make Cinderella jump higher.

Another one is Red-Slipper, consuming Red-Slipper to kick and destroy obstacles in your way. The amount of HP / Blue-Slipper / Red-Slipper will grow along with character's level in order to solve more difficult puzzles.


Please beware of this, life is not a fairytale and so does this game.

As a result, please don't get mad about the Endings.



Please visit Steam Store Page for more details.

Thank you very much.


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